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Company Induction Training

All employees are trained to basic guard level and certified by Fetac. They receive up skill training on a yearly basis and also receive company induction training.

This training includes the following:

  • Introduction to colleagues { where appropriate}
  • Review of H&S  procedures
  • Review of I.S.999:2004 procedures
  • Review of clients and their requirements
  • Review of disciplinary procedures
  • Review of general responsibilities
  • Review of paperwork {incident reports,activity books etc}
  • Employees sign an induction training form confirming that they have received this training.

Security induction training

Ace Security pays for its employees to attend FETAC  approved security industry induction traning.This training must be successfully completed by the employee within 13 weeks of commencement of employment. Proof of successful completion must be provided and appropriate records maintained .

Supervisory and specialist training

Ace Security will pay for its supervisory staff to attend supervisor training where necessary and appropriate, ace security will also ensure that specialist training { first aid,fire safety etc }will be provided.

Safe pass

All Ace Security personnel involved in construction site work must attend a safe pass training program .

Site specific training

Ace Security insist that all clients provide employees with site specific induction training, including H&S procedures. Guards must under go assignment-specific training prior to being allowed to operate the site on their own.The minimum requirement for this training is for the guard to accompany a site experienced guard for 1 shift to familiarize them with the site.Note that this period can be extended depending on individual sites and circumstances.In addition to this, the guard is given a copy of the extensive assignment instructions for the site.

Training records

Appropriate records are maintained in the individual personnel files.

Refresher training

Ace Security management will monitor the performance of individual guards to assess the need or refresher training.This can include :
  • Meetings and discussions with clients regarding individual guards.
  • Reports from area managers
  • Review of paperwork { incident reports,activity reports etc }
  • Annual review of all training records and competencies
  • Where a training need has being identified , Ace Security that this need is addressed as quickly as possible.

Health And Safety

Ace Security has developed a safety statement which is regularly communicated to our employees.The statement is also made available to our clients on request.In addition , we commit to understanding and complying with our clients safety statements to ensure the safety health and welfare of both employees and clients.


Ace Security conduct pre-employment interviews to assess the suitability of potential employees. During the interview , particular attention will be paid to the applicants ability to communicate effectively and their physical and mental capability to operate within the industry. Subject to successful completion of the interview,the employee may be offered employment subject to a trial probation period. Employees must sign the employment contracts and codes of conduct. During this time, a full background screening check will be carried out. In order for the screening to be completed, the applicant most provide details of their professional activities for the past 10 years .Subject to satisfactory screening and probation, the employee may be offered permanent employment.This decision is entirely at the discretion of the mangement.Records generated during this process will be maintained in the employee personnel file.Ace Security will not employ persons aged less than 18 years .Persons aged over 65 years may be employed subject to annual medical report.

Personnel files

Individual personnel files are maintained in the command and control centre.These files contain information including { where applicable}
  • Employee CV's
  • Details of screening and references
  • Copies of training   records
  • Details of disciplinary actions
  • Driver history forms
  • Driver licenses
The contents of these files are confidential.

ID Badges

New employees are issued with id badges on commencement of employment.It is the responsibility of each employee to ensure they carry their badges at all times whilst on duty.ID badges remain the property of the employer and must be returned by the employee in the event of them leaving the company.


Employees are issued with the appropriate uniform { uniforms may vary from contract to contract} Employees sign for uniforms on receipt and they are responsible for maintenance of the uniform and for wearing it in full whilst on duty.The uniform remains the property of the employer and must be returned by the employee in the event of the employee leaving the company .Failure by an employee to wear full uniform while on duty may result in disciplinary action.


Any equipment issued by ace security to employees must be signed for by the employee. Returned equipment must be signed back in.If so requested by the company, employees must immediately return equipment to Ace security.


Ace security operates security vehicles and these comply with relevant health & safety, communication and maintenance requirements.In addition, drivers are required to complete a driver history form and to produce their driver licence's annually for review.

Communication procedures

Employees may be issued with mobile telephones or walkie-talkies to enable them to maintain contact with the command and control centre.Details of communication requirements and the associated records to be maintained are detailed in individual assignment instructions.

Emergency back-up

The managing director is on call 24 hours per day , 7 days per week.If for any reason, the managing director is unavailable, he will delegate an area manager to be on call.All staff will be notified of this change in advance of it happening.
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